Guests Authorization

Mar Del Plata Condominium Association does not discourage residents to have guests and/or family members enjoy the common areas. Yet, we ask that you be considerate of your neighbors as to the number of guests you have. This becomes a problem in the pool as well as the usage of water, electricity and wear and tear of the building. We request everybody’s cooperation on this matter.

Requirements & Restrictions 

  • No guests are permitted to occupy the apartment unless the owner has submitted written notice to the management office (unit authorization form).
  •  Residents will be responsible for any violation or damage caused by their guests to any common area.  
  • Guests are never permitted to bring pets onto the premises of the condominium. 
  • Any guests bringing pets will not be given access. 
  •  When occupants have guests that bring beach chairs, coolers, food, etc., they may not use the front elevators.
  •  The front desk will open the gates and the guests will load and unload in the rear service elevator. 
  •  We suggest that before leaving the building, owners contact the front desk to open the gates so their guests are able to leave with their packages out of the lobby level garage.

Unit Access Authorization Form

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